Improving Your Time Management

Improving Your Time Management (Models, processes and checklist )

Get control of your time and immediately improve your personal productivity using the diagnostics, models and checklists contained in this document which is in Three Parts: - Part One shows you how to use a Time log to analyse your current use of time. - Part Two uses an Urgent/Important Matrix to plan improvements in your use of time - Part Three provides 101 ideas on how to improve your day to day time management to substantially increase your personal productivity. Using this document improving your Time Management can literally take minutes!


Personal productivity and time management go hand in hand. You cannot be efficient in your day to day activities and you cannot effectively manage your time without keeping in mind your personal objectives. This document is designed to help you analyse your current use of time, to change your priorities to be fully productive, and to get control of your time using 101 ideas. This is a must for all those who struggle with time management.

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