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Increasing Your Personal Impact

Increasing Your Personal Impact (hints and tips)

Some people naturally make a strong and positive impact on others whilst other people struggle to do this. Yet, by using right powerful techniques everyone can increase the positive impact they make on others. For those struggling to build their personal credibility and therefore their ability to influence this document is a must.


There are many contributors to a person’s personal impact. These can be divided into two categories – objective and subjective. This resource deals with the subjective ingredients to making a positive personal impact. These include: - The way in which the person expresses themselves - The self confidence they exude - The body language they use - The rapport they build - The content of what they express - The Familiarity they have with the context in which they are operating - Their knowledge and information sources they use to keep up to date and learn more - The ability to advise and problem solve This document contains a self-analysis questionnaire covering the above skills and inputs on how to increase personal impact.

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