Influencing Without Authority

Influencing Without Authority (Model and Diagnostic Questionnaire)

To influence with authority is one thing. To influence without authority is quite another. To do the latter you need to be comfortable working with an interdependent mindset and approach, and to do this you need to understand the ‘DNA’ of Influencing. This model breaks down influencing without authority into six key issues: - The ability to connect with others with an interdependent mind set - The ability to be personally credible - The ability to work effectively in different contexts or cultural settings - The ability to build relationships and friendships - The ability to build trust through the use of consistent behaviours - The ability to communicate what you bring to a relationship and the value of your contribution. This document explains this ‘DNA’ of Influencing and includes a Self-Assessment Questionnaire to enable you to assess your influency abilities and to plan improvements.


This document includes an explanation of the ‘DNA’ of Influencing, a Self-Assessment Questionnaire, Explanatory Notes and Reflective Questions.

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