Leading Account Management Teams

Leading Account Management Teams (Guidelines and Checklist)

As an account manager your primary objective is to create new sales to grow the business with customers and shut out the competition. To do this you will need to work through your internal contacts to deliver customer solutions who in turn will need to work with their counter parties within the customer to produce the required results. This resource provides guidelines and checklists for working with your complete internal team as an account manager to deliver total solutions to the customer.


With larger and more sophisticated customers account managers need to be able to mobilise internal teams from their own organisation to fully satisfy and service the customer’s needs. This requires skills of virtual team leadership in which the account manager works in partnership with their counterpart within the customer to connect people in different roles and different levels from both organisations to work productively together to deliver to the customer’s expectations. This virtual team leadership role is very different to a solo sales role and requires a sophisticated set of influencing and persuasion skills to create this whole team concept. This resource spells out what is required of the account manager in this virtual team leadership role.

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