Measuring The Performance Of Sales People

Measuring The Performance Of Sales People (Models, Guidelines, Checklists, etc)

After outlining a Performance Management Process for sales people, this resource goes on to explain the following steps in more detail. - Identify the Core Areas of Responsibility - Identify & Agree the Assessment Criteria - Agree & Record the Performance Measures - Three Types of Performance Measures - Use of Performance Measures - Measuring Joint Accountabilities - Achieving Maximum Leverage - The Benefits of Agreeing Performance Measures Joint calls: Joint calls provide a tremendous opportunity for the Sales Manager as coach/mentor to view the Sales Person in action and to assess: - The quality of pre-call preparation - The structure and content of the call - The level of selling skills used - The results of the call - The sales person’s development needs This document also provides a checklist and guidelines for carrying out a day of joint calling by the Sales Manager with a Sales Person. It consists of: - Joint Calling Checklist - Joint Calling Assessment Sheet As a Sales Manager, use these tools to improve your monitoring and measuring of your Sales People’s performance.


This document comprehensively covers all the key issues in measuring and monitoring a sales person’s performance for delivery of the best sales results. It includes a detailed breakdown of a performance management process for sales people and provides examples of performance measures which can be used with sales people. It examines in detail the use of joint calls to provide a coaching and performance improvement opportunity for sales managers. It provides key insights for any sales manager and sales team leader wanting to get to grips with the management of individual sales people.

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