Networking Skills

Networking Skills (Guidelines on the use of a Networking Process and Skills)

Networking is a skill or activity that is vitally important to us all for the following reasons. You will be able to increase your sphere of influence. You will be able to stay in touch with what is happening in your world of work You will improve your future business development success by creating a market of contacts to sell to. You will be able to identify relationship building strategies You will become more well known in your world of work Networking simply means identifying people inside your organisation, and within the customer or other organisation, with whom it would be profitable to build a closer relationship and then actively to cultivate that relationship. This resource provides guidelines on the use of a networking process and skills, covering the following sections: 1. Identify your network 2. Assess your current network 3. Describe your preferred network 4. Decide on actions 5. Use direct and indirect Networking Skills to build relationships


This short but powerful resource enables anyone wishing to improve or develop their networking skills to do so in a simple and effective way. The power of the model we use lies in its simplicity and the speed with which it can be used. A must for anyone who wants to take seriously this important area of activity.

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