Partner Up With Suppliers

Partner Up With Suppliers


About The Book

The two biggest challenges most organisations face these days is meeting the demands of their customers and beating their competition.

No longer can a business rely simply on the reliability of suppliers’ products and services the business needs to work with its suppliers to meet the ever increasing demands of its customers for:

- Price reductions
- More for less
- Customised products/services at standardised prices
- Improved product/service performance
- Greater responsiveness to market trends

Today’s competitive business needs to fully engage with its suppliers to meet these customer’s needs. There needs to be a way of working involving honest (if brutal) feedback, confronting and resolving problems and growing the relationship into an inseparable, long term and mutually profitable partnership.

This ebook enables a business to use a ‘Partnership in Performance’ process to achieve this partnership way of working.

It includes surveys, explanatory notes and problem-solving/action planning templates to build a truly profitable partnership with suppliers and to continuously meet customer needs.

Include this product in soft skills training material for use in company training and training and development programmes generally.


This ebook details everything a business needs to do to build mutually beneficial working relationships with its suppliers.

It includes a process called ‘Partnership in Performance’ which analyses the current level of both the business and supplier satisfaction with the relationship at present and identifies areas to work on for mutual benefit under the 9 headings of:

  1. Product quality 
  2. Service quality 
  3. Commercial terms 
  4. People attitude and behaviours 
  5. Communications quality and frequency 
  6. Approach to the relationship 
  7. Added value consideration 
  8. Understanding of customer’s purpose 
  9. Understanding of customer’s plans 

It also provides a template for tackling issues to deliver improvements and action plans which can be used to monitor continuous ongoing improvements in the performance of both supplier and the business as they work together to fully realise the potential of the relationship.

Add this product to your existing resources for use in personal growth and development programmes and personal development plans.

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