Presenting With Impact

Presenting with Impact (Checklists, Hints and Tips)

Ask yourself the question ‘What do good speakers do that enables them to put their message across effectively’? This resource lists the top reasons under the following categories: - Content - Delivery - Appearance - Mind-set Good speakers realise that to hold people’s attention 100% of the time is a tall order but to hold their attention for over 80% of the time is achievable, which is why they use the techniques they do. There will always be some people that never seem to be satisfied. Remember; "You cannot please all of the people all of the time", and there are definitely some people in this world who actually derive pleasure from being awkward! But, what can you do to avoid conflict and confrontation? This resource provides tips on handling audience questions - what ALWAYS to do, and what NEVER to do! A process for handling objections is provided, explaining the following stages: - Anticipate - Be pleased that the point has been raised, let them talk - Find out the underlying reason for the objection - Sympathise with the point of view - Answer the objection at once - Seek agreement and thank Finally, a section on handling "Price" or "Cost" objections is provided, providing more practical tips for successfully handling objections.


If you are looking for a guide on how to present your thoughts, views and ideas convincingly to others then this document full of checklists, hints, tips and processes will help you considerably when preparing for a presentation, particularly when preparing for questions and objections. Use it after a presentation to assess your level of performance. If you want to move from being an average presenter to a really great presenter then this resource is for you.

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