Relationship Building With Customers

Relationship Building with Customers (Questionnaire And Interpretive Notes)

This resource provides a detailed questionnaire to enable a sales person or account manager to create a Relationship Building With Customers Profile. The profile is based on 35 skills required of them in their job to build positive, long term customer relationships. The profile covers: - Researching the customer - Creating Solutions with customers - Building Contacts within customers - Obtaining Information from customers - Consulting with customers - Selling Solutions to customers - Managing Key Stakeholders within customers The interpretive notes provided enable the sales person/account manager to identify their key development needs.


Building customer loyalty is more important than ever before these days. Yet many sales people and account managers fail to put the time and effort into building positive customer relationships to create future sales opportunities. This resource will enable them to assess their current approach to this vitally important area of activity and to plan improvements to their customer relationship building skills. The insights are invaluable for both newly appointed and experienced sales people/account managers.

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