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Sales Manager Leadership Style Survey

Sales Manager Leadership Style Survey (Questionnaire and Interpretive Notes)

The leadership style survey is designed to give Sales Managers: - An indication of their dominant leadership style used with their sales team - A clearer view of their back-up styles - An understanding of why they find some situations easy to manage, and others more difficult to manage - Awareness of how their sales people see them as they lead and manage them - Ideas on how they can work with their sales team members to get the best out of each other 45 questions are provided, along with an interpretative score sheet which will focus on the matching leadership style. These leadership styles are then explained with guidance to help one use their leadership style as a sales manager.


Successful sales managers know exactly how to get the best performances out of their sales people and their sales teams. They do this because they understand the importance of motivating using an appropriate leadership style. In this document we examine five different leadership styles which sales managers can use with their teams to maximise performance. This is a tool for sales managers to be more self aware of the effect they have on their sales teams and how to vary their leadership style according to the situation they face and the type of sales people they are managing. It provides vitally important insights for anyone aspiring to be an effective sales manager.

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